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Clarity Coach Teddy Lange sitting on a chair ready to help you gain clarity on what matters most you Clarity Coach Teddy Lange sitting on a chair ready to help you gain clarity on what matters most you

Clarity Coaching

Teddy Lange

Life & Business Coach

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Book a free session

My work has taught me that clarity is the certainty that you're walking the right path in life.
It’s based on self-honesty & the ability to make the right decisions for yourself.

How we'll work together

1st session

You identify where & how you lack clarity: You take inventory of the decisions you’ve made in your life so far & reflect on where actually you want to go in life.

Following sessions

You start having honest conversations with yourself: You identify what matters to you, understand the challenges in front of you, & commit to a clear course of action.


You enhance the quality of your thinking: You develop the mindset & habits for peace of mind, clarity of thought & a clear pathway towards success.

Teddy Lange in Iceland surrounded by a group of coachees he's impacted deeply.

How clarity makes a difference

Photo of Teddy Lange's coachee Taran Raghuram who's thankful for Teddy's invaluable empowermet.

Thank you very much for your infinitely valuable empowerment!

Taran Raghuram | Impact Venture Capitalist

Taran Raghuram
Impact Venture Capitalist

Teddy is one of the most agential people I've ever met in my life. I like to think & talk about ideas - Teddy continually inspires me to put my ideas into practice. In the years I've known him, Teddy has achieved so much & has led many others, including myself, by his example. I count myself lucky to have been able to learn from him.

Photo of Teddy Lange's coachee Krzysiek Heród who's thankful for Teddy always saying exactly what he needs to hear.

Thank you for always saying exactly what I need to hear.

Krzysiek Heród | Full Stack Developer & Entrepreneur

Krzysiek Heród
Full Stack Developer & Entrepreneur

Teddy has the talent of carefully listening & then saying exactly the thing that a person should hear at a specific time. He knows & respects that such person has to lead in their own life, but he finds a way to inspire in a way that makes them consider a crucial perspective or direction, they didn't consider before.

Photo of Teddy Lange's coachee Matthias Wesser who's thankful for Teddy helping him to hear his unspoken thoughts.

Thank you for helping me hear my unspoken thoughts.

Matthias Wesser | PhD Candidate in Accounting

Matthias Wesser
PhD Candidate in Accounting

The way of talking with Teddy is unique. He's a patient listener who can hear the unspoken. With just a few words he will inspire new thoughts that you won‘t get out of your head.

Photo of Teddy Lange's coachee Jonas Zimmer who is thankful for Teddy supporting him in identifying his core issue with his supervisor.

Thank you for helping me identify the root problems, with empathy.

Jonas Zimmer | Medical Doctor

Jonas Zimmer
Medical Doctor

Teddy helped me with my communication issues with my supervisors. He impressively identified the root problem & my blind spots while being truthful & empathetic. I gained clarity & new hope that led to the success for everyone involved. Teddy's way of listening in a non-judgmental way, caring to understand & asking crucial questions made working with him challenging & purposeful, while familiar & comfortable.

Teddy Lange in Norway while clarity coaching a client.
Clarity Coach Teddy Lange smiling & being happy.

Hi, I'm Teddy

Clarity Coach

"I love seeing the spark in people's eyes when they gain clarity on what matters most to them. I'd love to see it in your eyes."

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Helped 100+ entrepreneurs to find clarity & balance

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Coached leaders in conflict resolution at Harvard

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Co-founded an AI, chemistry & non-profit business

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Mediated team conflicts across 3 continents

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Moderated events with 1,000+ participants

My areas of focus

Clarity coaching

Do you want to gain clarity on who you really are? Do you care to develop the skills to make effective decisions for yourself? Do you want to take responsibility for your personal & professional life?

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Conflict resolution

Sensing a deep team conflict & care to resolve it?

Book a free assessment

Soft-skill workshops

Care to develop resilience, decision-making, or conflict-resolution skills?

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Looking for a moderator to lead your event with clarity & empathy?

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Seeking a speech on how clarity drives success & fulfilment?

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Teddy Lange in Norway while clarity coaching a client.

Frequently asked questions

Clarity coaching


Is the first coaching session really free?

Yes, your first coaching session with me is free of charge. I believe in delivering value first. When you feel the value I provide to you, we'll talk about how we want to continue our coaching relationship.


Do you offer group coaching?

Yes, but only in a highly specific way. Learn more on www.hikingclarity.com.


Do we work online or in person?

My experience has shown that in-depth in-person sessions deliver the highest value.
However, the answer to this question depends mainly on your preferences. I love travelling & I'll happily meet you wherever it suits you & your budget.


What makes you unique?

That every coaching is 100 % tailored to you. I don't believe in pre-set programs. I listen deeply & help you uncover what's really happening in your mind & heart.


What do you charge?

My average hourly rate for 1-on-1 coaching is $490 / €450.
However, no person is average. You'll decide what it's worth to you & that's what you'll pay. Just be honest & brave.

Conflict resolution


When should we approach you?

The best time to seek my support is when you become aware of a conflict in your team. Don't wait until it's too late. The assessment is free; so, what are you waiting for? The conflict is not going to resolve itself.


How do you help?

I help address team conflicts. I support each one of you in seeing how you contribute to the conflict. From there on, I support you in addressing the things that need to be said, but nobody wants to say.
Put differently, I help you take self-leadership & own the conflict.


What's your process?

Conflict resolution usually follows the following procedure:

  • You become aware of the conflict
    You sense that something is wrong & admit to yourself that the conflict needs to be addressed. You decide to take leadership for the resolution.
  • We talk
    You & I have a complimentary conversation where you share the details of the conflict you care to resolve.
  • You inform your team
    You inform your team that you noticed a conflict that you care to resolve. You introduce the people involved to the idea of working with a conflict coach. Your team needs to be willing to work with me. Otherwise, it doesn't make sense.
  • I meet with everybody 1-on-1
    I have a confidential conversation with everybody involved in the conflict to help each one of you to (a) help you see what's going on, (b) support you in understanding how you contribute to the conflict, & (c) prepare you for addressing & resolving the conflict.
  • Mediated group meeting
    We do a mediated group meeting where you address the taboo topics you've been hiding from each other.
  • We decide how to continue
    From here on each path is individual.


Is the assessment really free?

Yes, when a conflict has already started, there's no room to convince each other of hiring a conflict coach.
For this reason, I offer the assessment for free.
Once, we've identified the core issue, I'll leave it open to you if & how much you want to pay for the value I've provided.
In most cases, we develop an on-going working relationship.


What do you charge?

Again, the assessment is free of charge.
When we continue working with each other, my average hourly rate for conflict resolution is $700 / €650. My average daily rate is $4,300 / €4,000.
However, no team is average & I care to help. If you need my help, please contact me no matter what your budget is. I'm happy to offer packaged discounts or brainstorm other means of compensation (shares, referrals, ...).

Moderations, speeches, & teaching


What are your areas of expertise?

My areas of expertise are

  • Gaining clarity
  • Conflict resolution
  • Value-based business
  • Self-honesty
  • Decision-making
  • Empathic leadership
  • Communication


What are examples of your speeches?

My most requested speeches are:

  • How I gained clarity at a Buddhist monastery
  • Hiking to Everest Base Camp: A journey to self-leadership
  • Re-framing conflict: The secret to effective teamwork
  • How nature leads to clarity: Lessons from leaders in the mountains


Why should we hire you for a moderation?

You're well advised to hire me if you care for an empathic moderation full of appreciation & honesty.
I'm also experienced in the moderation of controversial or heated topics.
Please be aware that I put a lot of preparation into my moderations because I care for the audience's experience. Please consider this in your budgeting.


Do you offer workshops & trainings?

Yes, I offer various workshop formats focusing on gaining clarity, decision-making, & developing soft skills. All of them are the results of years of teaching at various universities. A few examples are:

  • Becoming resilient - Effective tools for self-management in times of professional and personal crisis
  • Reflective listening - Developing the skill of truly understanding each other
  • Effective & efficient decision-making - Developing the skill of making a decision under time pressure
  • Honest team communication - Overcoming fear, building trust & reframing conflict to build effective teams
  • Effective feedback - The art & science of giving & receiving feedback that drives positive change


Where do you teach?

I've formally taught at the following universities:

  • Harvard University
  • Hochschule Hannover - University of Applied Sciences
  • Hochschule Bremerhaven - University of Applied Sciences
  • Düsseldorf University

I regularly work with various other universities in Europe & the US.


What do you charge?

Other than with the clarity coaching & conflict resolution, this depends on your event.
If you're organizing a conference for 50,000 people, my rate will be different than hiring me for a 2-hours virtual training.
Let's schedule a meeting where you can provide me with some details. Then, I'll make you an offer.

Still got questions?

Contact me

A participant of Hiking Clarity standing on a view point overseeing all of Namche Bazaar and gaining clarity on their purpose.

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